What is Activities of Daily Living Video?

By Howard Brodsky,

What is Activities of Daily Living video?

Broadcast Quality InstrumentsThe specialized type of forensic videography often used in proving damages is called Day-In-The-Life video, it is also known more accurately as Activities of Daily Living video, “ADL”.  This is impartial video documentation that chronicles a day in the life of an individual who has suffered consequential damages as a result of an accident or medical intervention, causing an injury.  The concern of the legal videographer is to introduce the factual evidence without introducing bias.  The victim, their special needs, the care-givers, the family: everything that is necessary to the person’s survival and everyone that is immediately affected by this person’s daily living situation should be documented in this video.

CLVS LLC, Certified Legal Video Service, servicing New York, New Jersey and beyond, meticulously produces the highest quality video documentation services and deliverables for Activities of Daily Living Videos. Certified Legal Video Services shoot with professional, progressive high definition cameras, professional lighting, wireless and hard wired mics, field mixing and a professional Steadicam operator.  We fluidly follow the action as we document all of the necessary components of this highly specialized form of forensic legal videography.

It is important to note that this is not about using video to advocate a position: rather, it is about using high quality video to bring forth the evidence.  Our video production firm, in New Jersey, near New York City, focuses on producing unimpeachable video evidence.  That is why we have adapted the Latin phrase, Imago ipsa loquitur as our credo: the video speaks for itself.

Activities of Daily Living video is video that is destined to see the inside of a courtroom.  It is not embellished video.  It doesn’t have emotional music tracks, fancy transitions, special effects, graphics, titles or other objectionable enhancement.  The purpose is to document how the individual’s lifestyle and routine has been altered by his or her injury and to help the viewer measure the loss.  Activities of Daily Living video is also instrumental in helping the plaintiff’s attorney understand the loss and many judges have held that these video documentaries are the best evidence that a jury has.

As the lead videographer at Certified Legal Video Services, LLC, located in New Jersey, near new York City, I have been specially trained to produce these legal video documentaries.  I even undertook an extra concentration of study in the production of these forensic videos.  As a Steadicam operator, professional editor and the owner of Certified Legal Video Services, LLC, my company is superbly equipped to produce these documentaries.  I have extensive on-location forensic videography experience.  Opposing counsel will try everything to have the video ruled inadmissible as evidence – therefore, the plaintiff’s counsel needs a videographer who is trained and prepared to produce a bulletproof Activities of Daily Living video that will stand up in court and bring the proof of damages evidence to the jury.  This is the product I offer.

I have pre-production meetings with counsel to determine what he/she needs to prove and to cover the elements that are necessary to complete the project.  I offer this service nation-wide.  I would be happy and honored to serve all of your legal video needs.

Certified Legal Video Services, CLVS LLC, is a video production company located in Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410. Our videographers service the entire metro New York City and New York, New Jersey, tri-state area and clients nation-wide. For more information call our lead videographer Howard Brodsky at (201) 280-8614. E-Mail: certifiedlvs@me.com.Visit our website at http://www.clvsllc.com/.

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