CLVS Video: Two Camera Deposition

CLVS Dual Camera Deposition Shoots:

In this segment I explain and demonstrate a two camera shoot that is proper for a legal deposition. Some attorneys have asked about two camera shoots. They feel that it might be more engaging. As I explain in this video, it is forbidden to alter or edit a legal deposition. You can show clips of a deposition but you cannot introduce bias into the video by cutting and editing two or more cameras. If more than one camera is used the video and audio feeds must be mixed live and displayed on the screen. In this example both cameras are labeled and there is a time/date stamp clearly visible on screen. It would be permissible to have one camera zooming on documents or exhibits held by the deponent or have one camera fixed on the deposing attorney. In the latter case, employment of the second camera may be useful for training purposes.

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