Advanced Legal & Corporate Video Production Services in New York and New Jersey

Advanced Legal & Corporate Video Production Video

CLVS, LLC produces videos of legal proceedings in New York City & New Jersey. We produce Advanced Legal & Corporate Video Production Videos for Business 2 Business videos & Business 2 Consumer

CLVS LLC Video: Intro Video

CLVS Video: Intro Video

Legal Video: CLVS uses solid state, tapeless, broadcast quality professional cameras. Digital video for trial preparation & presentation conveys the information the while holding the jury’s attention

CLVS LLC Video: Promo Video

CLVS Video: Promo Video

Legal Video Support: meet all of your legal video needs; deposition video, trial presentation; daily living documentaries, special or criminal investigation unit video documentation. NY, NJ, NYC.

CLVS LLC: Two Camera Deposition

CLVS Video: Two Camera Deposition

CLVS dual camera legal deposition video shoots; it is permissible to have one camera zooming on documents or exhibits held by the deponent or have one camera fixed on the deposing attorney. NY, NJ

NCRA Ethics First Video

NCRA’s Ethics First Program

Learn about NCRA’s Ethics First program.