Image Gallery

CLVS Production CartCLVS Production Cart
A highly mobile professional production cart with an assortment of gear used for shooting legal video depositions, including a sound mixer, distribution amplifier, VCR and DVD burners, production monitor, hardware transcoder, date/time generator, professional audiotape recorder, professional audio CD burner.
Professional Steadicam Operator Professional Steadicam Operator
Trained to operate the professional Steadicam image stabilization system, we eliminate camera shake and deliver smooth, fluid, detailed shots to best convey your subject matter to the triers of fact.  This is a highly maneuverable image stabilization system that allows you to get into tight places and take steady shots while in motion from all kinds of angles.
Tapeless Broadcast Quality RecordingTapeless Broadcast Quality Recording
We’re no longer limited to linear tape.  We can record for hours in 20 different formats at variable frame rates with a date/time stamp, if required, with this P2 camera.  You can take your deliverables in any media format you want.
High Definition PresentationHigh Definition Presentation
With the Elmo P100 presenter and the Christie DS30 DLP projector you can display your documents, objects, Powerpoint and video to a jury in high definition, projected bright enough to be seen on the 100” diagonal screen we provide in a fully lit room.  You never lose the attention of the jury with this system.
Professional LightingProfessional Lighting
We are equipped with a full array of professional lighting for every situation.  This ensures a shoot with rich color, texture and mood.  From LED and tungsten lighting to soft lights, gels and filters, we bring out the best visual content.
Broadcast Quality InstrumentsBroadcast Quality Instruments
All of our cameras are professional grade, broadcast quality instruments.  We are prepared to do multiple camera shoots on request.
Detect Forgeries, blow It Up!Detect Forgeries, Blow It Up!
These are images of minute details under 64x magnification and projected on a 100” diagonal screen using the aforementioned Elmo P100 and Christie DS30.
Detect Forgeries, Blow It Up!One picture displays the barely visible details of a $20 bill, the other is the detail of a wristwatch.  Forgeries are easily detected with this equipment.