Legal Deposition Video

By Howard Brodsky

Legal Deposition Video in New York City and New JerseyCertified Legal Video Services, LLC in New Jersey, near New York City, consistently offers superior legal deposition video because we have the skills, knowledge, equipment and understanding of how these impartial forensic products must be produced and how they are used.  We apply state-of-the-art digital video technology and digital video workflows to produce the highest quality legal video deposition deliverables.  Whether we work in the NYC metropolitan area, the Northeast Region, on national or international assignments, the quality of our legal video depositions is outstanding and we have real testimonials to prove it.

Certified Legal Video Services has a $2,000 medical-grade DVD recorder that can produce a DVD of a deposition recording session on the spot: yet this equipment, as good as it is, cannot meet the DVD quality that we offer using our non-linear digital workflow. We video record every deposition with a highly secure digital network with at least three non-linear and extremely reliable high-capacity storage systems built into the recording chain.  Using this state-of-the-art system, that we designed, CLVS LLC can record for hours with complete assurance that it is virtually impossible to ever lose the record.  The recordings also use low compression codecs, thereby delivering the highest quality video.  This is important because when you start with the best quality your deliverable will be the best quality.

Our video deposition deliverables are technically unimpeachable because we understand and apply the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) and Rule 1001 through Rule 1004 of the Federal Rules of Evidence for the videographer.

A meticulous objection, exhibit, colloquy and on/off record log is furnished with every deliverable and these logs can be embedded as meta-data in the original recording and available as an index-searchable DVD – so counsel can instantly go to a point of interest in the video-recorded deposition at the touch of a button.  We assume that every video deposition has a destination in trial presentation so we are careful to produce the best quality recording possible.

Trial presenters not only demand the best quality picture, they want flawless audio.  We use professional quality mics, mixers, ground-lift filtration and equalizers to provide the best quality audio in any environment, no matter where the recording is made.  We provide every court reporter with a flawless CD-grade digital audio recording of the entire deposition on a single manageable file – assuring you, the counsel, that your deposition transcript will be perfect.

Whether we shoot a deposition video in New Jersey, New York City, in Los Angeles, on the other side of the country or on the other side of the world, where recording settings must be adjusted for different voltage and current frequencies, CLVS LLC produces recordings that are always top quality.  Certified Legal Video Services is equipped to shoot dual-camera depositions in compliance with the Federal Rules and we offer a demonstration on our certified legal video gallery page how this is done.  We are equipped and prepared for all manner of forensic specialty needs in video recording legal depositions.

Thank you for reading this blog.  I’m Howard Brodsky and I’m the lead videographer for Certified Legal Video Services, LLC.   I keep myself up to date on all developments in the production and presentation of visual evidence.  I have years of experience and I’m very proud of my work in this field and I would be happy and honored to serve all of your legal video needs!

Certified Legal Video Services, CLVS LLC, is a video production company located in Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410. Our videographers service the entire metro New York City and New York, New Jersey, tri-state area and clients nation-wide. For more information call our lead videographer Howard Brodsky at (201) 280-8614. E-Mail: our website at

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