Legal Deposition Video

At Certified Legal Video Services in New Jersey, near New York City, our videographers offer legal deposition video and an understanding of how these impartial forensic products must be produced.

Hiring a Certified Legal Videographer

The production of legal deposition video is best entrusted to a professional certified legal videographer. Ask yourself the following before hiring a legal videographer in New York City or New Jersey

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Legal Video Support: meet all of your legal video needs; deposition video, trial presentation; daily living documentaries, special or criminal investigation unit video documentation. NY, NJ, NYC.

CLVS Video: Certified Legal Video Services

CLVS Video: Certified Legal Video Services, LLC Promo Certified Legal Video Services LLC are highly trained and certified legal video specialists with years of experience. We produce legal video depositions of daily living, settlement brochures, construction draw site surveys, environmental maritime site surveys and much more.