Testimonial 1


I regret to inform that due to the quality of your work product, it is becoming increasingly difficult for videographers in Los Angeles to satisfy our standards of quality. You’ve set the bar my friend.

Once again, you’ve gone above and beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with in your profession, and have been an example of what true dedication and quality really mean.

It was a breath of fresh air to have you on this job. The level of  quality you put into the video and documentation I received is, without question, unsurpassed.

All of us here appreciate the great efforts you put forth on this job, and can only applaud your ability to work this job after the health conditions you ran into (we had no idea).

If anyone else had been on this job, I can only imagine it turning out disastrous.

With complete sincerity, it’s been a privilege to work with you.

On behalf of DepoPro, and myself personally, thank you for everythin

Chris Elizondo
DepoPro, LLC
Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial 2

Dear Howard,

I wanted to thank you once again for your efforts and excellent work on this job. I was really impressed with the quality of your deliverables –  definitely the best quality legal video I’ve ever seen. You really have an excellent camera and production process to get such great resolution and definition onto the DVDs. The sound was flawless as well. Great work!

Kind regards,

Ian Hardy,

PresidentOptima Juris

Testimonial 3:

I am Diane Richer and I am the Operations Manager or Managing Partner of Continental Court Reporters, Inc.  I am the resident owner of our company who makes all decisions regarding the daily operations of running our company, Continental Court Reporters.

Continental Court Reporters is one of the largest reporting agencies in Texas and we also provide services throughout the United States and overseas.

I am writing on behalf of Continental Court Reporters to provide a professional reference for Howard Brodsky, a certified legal videographer.  Mr. Brodsky has handled multi-day assignments for our company in U.S. cities outside our normal service area.  We have found him to be exceptionally reliable and a highly professional sub-contractor for providing  video deposition services which exceed rigorous NCRA standards.

Here at Continental Court Reporters, Inc., we pride ourselves on maintaining the most efficacious use of current technology to deliver the best service to our clients.  Mr. Brodsky has made a similar effort to keep  his equipment and workflow current with cutting edge technology.  we share a similar philosophy in serving our industry.

We are also mindful of the fact that Mr. Brodsky has had experience applying his skills overseas.  Most recently, he has recorded depositions at The Hague, where specialized equipment is required to adjust to foreign voltages and frequencies and to provide suitable power supplies to stenographic or real-time court reporters.

We have been extremely satisfied with Mr. Brodsky’s service and professional skills and would not hesitate to employ his services in the future as needs may arise.

Continental Court Reporters, Inc.
Diane Richer
Operations Manager